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For some shopping is therapeutic http://www.giantsteamstore.com/men-giants/jon-beason-authentic-jersey/ , for some it’s a necessity and for others it’s just about passing your time in the best possible way. Whether you choose to agree or disagree on the face, everyone loves shopping. Man or woman, homemaker or adventurer, shopping is both a necessity and fun – more so when you get amazing deals! Well, your desires get pushed in the right direction when you are at Mumbai. The fashion capital of India, Mumbai presents some of the most amazing destinations in terms of shopping. The city hosts several fashion boutiques, lines of local products, swanky and high rise malls, high end retailers, and everything else you can possibly think of. Shoppers in Mumbai can experience a different level of bliss altogether. Here we list four of the best shopping destinations in Mumbai.

Colaba Causeway

Also referred to as the Culture Square of Mumbai, the Colaba Causeway is located close to the Gateway of India. The Causeway hosts lines of small shops, innumerable vendors http://www.giantsteamstore.com/men-giants/johnathan-hankins-authentic-jersey/ , footpath stalls, and selling all types of items including apparel, shoeschappals, jewelry, belts, bags, antiques, cosmetics, shawls, furniture and anything else that a housewife, student or a backpackers might get interested in. this is a place where you can test your bargaining skills and come home smiling with an awesome deal. No price is fixed over here and it really depends on what you are prepared to pay for the item of your choice. It would also be right to say that more than the shopping itself, the experience of the color http://www.giantsteamstore.com/men-giants/john-jerry-authentic-jersey/ , sound and vibrance of this place is viral. For Mumbaikars, this is a casual weekend destination.

Fashion Street

This is where you get to relate Mumbai with the Fashion Capital that it is. Fashion Street hosts the latest Bollywood trends and is considered a paradise for trendy shoppers. This place hosts stalls that sell branded items that have been rejected for minor defects in amazingly low price tags. This immediately becomes a favorite shopping destination for college goers and teenagers.

Crawford Market

Among the most vibrant shopping destinations, Crawford Market is known for its flower, fruit, vegetable, fish and meat markets. This is the place where you will get to buy a variety of chocolates, nuts, dry fruits and even imported food items at wholesale rates. Named after the first Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai, Arthur Crawford, this is also a popular destination for those looking to get a new pet.

Neptune Mall, Bhandup

The Neptune Mall at Bhandup is being considered as the biggest shoppertainment destination in the city. Located at LBS Marg, it is spread over 10 http://www.giantsteamstore.com/men-giants/jayron-hosley-authentic-jersey/ ,56,000 sq ft and is among the few Indian malls to have 10 anchors. This is also the first mall in the world to host two of the top three global retailers – Easyday and Metro Cash & Carry. The mall also has an in-house ice skating rink, GLEOTST (Family Entertainment Center) and popular restaurants apart from the designer labels. This shopping center in Bhandup & Mumbai is almost like a tourist place today where every visitor to the city makes it a point to reach this mall. Joining a Fitness and Health Club is a great way of maintaining active lifestyle, spending your leisure time having pure fun and the best way to expand your social network. It is very important to know whether the club suits your personal interest, so before signing below the dotted line, consider all the pros and cons, before taking a decision.

The first and foremost thing to consider before joining health club or fitness club is its location. It is always better to have the club close by to your office or house, so that you will not have excuse of going regularly due to distance. Survey shows that those members who live far away from the health and fitness clubs, they do not go to health club on regular basis.

The next thing to consider is staff and customer care. Professional trainers and instructors should be certified. If you suffer from any pre-existing disease or physical limitations, in such circumstances, ensure your instructor will be able to handle and work with you. Look and watch out for the customer care of the health club and see if they answer your questions, clarify your doubts and are polite. If the health and fitness club have dietitians http://www.giantsteamstore.com/men-giants/jay-bromley-authentic-jersey/ , physical therapists and massage therapists additional services, it is always better.

The next question to ask is the availability for what service you are looking for. Say if you are interested in learning tennis, see if they have the classes at convenient times suited to you.

The best way to know if the particular health and fitness club will work for you is to go for trial class. Most health and fitness clubs offer trial classes. During the actual trial class you will know whether you like the instructor, able to understand him and if you feel comfortable in the class, you can also know more about the pace of the class, music, if sufficient space available and other personal preferences you have.

Look out for the equipment the health and fitness club has. The equipment most is modern, clean and up to date. Also ensure they have enough numbers of all equipment so that you need not wait in queue for your workout. Remember treadmills and bicycles are the most used equipments in fitness and health clubs.

One of the important aspects of health and fitness club is social interaction. Most health and fitness clubs have space for social gathering with comfortable couches and chairs. A good health and fitness club is well equipped with coffee, tea and juice machines.

Other miscellaneous things to look out for are parking space, condition of bathroom and showers, and see if the whole facility is maintained well.
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